购买Water cool and warm mattress   , 价格 , 图片 Water cool and warm mattress , 从Zhangzhou Chuangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.. 家庭设备 在 Allbiz 中国
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购买Water cool and warm mattress   , 价格 , 图片 Water cool and warm mattress , 从Zhangzhou Chuangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.. 家庭设备 在 Allbiz 中国
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购买 Water cool and warm mattress
长度14x8x8 "
最高温度60 °F

Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad
Saves Energy!! Cool or heat your bed instead of the entire house
Cools all night long using less than a penny of electricity!!
Uses evaporative cooling to efficiently chill water and circulate it through a mattress pad to keep you
Now with heating!!


ONLY 8 W for warm keeping the whole night.  


Product Dimensions 14 x 8 x 8 inches
Item Weight 10 pounds
Shipping Weight 12 pounds
Manufacturer Cool Buddy
Origin China
Item model number CB-CW-1


An Affordable cooling/heating mattress solution from My Cool Buddy. Now everybody can afford to sleep better and save electricity!! This listing is for a brand new boxed set each including a My Cool Buddy heating and cooling unit, a large 63" x 55" mattress pad and a remote control . Everything you need to start sleeping better and saving money on your electric bill. What is the Cool Buddy? The Cool Buddy CB-CW-1 is a brand new product line brought to you from China by Pearland Imports. It consists of a control unit that heats or cools water and then circulates that temperature controlled water to a mattress pad you place on your mattress and under the sheets. Cooling: In cooling mode this unit cools water using the physics of evaporation to lower the water temperature 7-10 degrees below room temperature and uses less than 10W an hour to accomplish this costing less than a penny a night! Our advice is to set your AC on ~75 all night and let your Cool Buddy take care of the rest. Heating: Now Cool Buddy can save you money all year long by keeping you warm all winter as well as cool all summer. Your Cool Buddy will heat the water to your preferred temperature between 77 and 140 and circulate the water through the pad to keep you comfortable. Rather than heating your whole house or even a room, all you need to keep warm is you. At peak heating output the Cool Buddy will use about 300 watts, but once the water is heated it will use much less to maintain the temperature and circulate the water. Savings: We can't guarantee the Cool Buddy will save you money but running the AC or Heater all night can easily cost a few bucks a night compared to the Cool Buddy which could be as little as a penny a night. It's not hard to see that the Cool Buddy could actually pay for itself in less than a year, with the added benefit of sleeping so much better!!

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购买 water cool and warm mattress
Water cool and warm mattress
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